The name Hayley-Redd has been synonymous with community development and economic growth in Auburn, Alabama and it’s surrounding areas for over 44 years.  Mr. Hayley’s devotion to what he calls “The Best City in the South” has been built into the landscape of Auburn, demonstrating Hayley-Redd’s current investment within the community. In addition to development, the company’s executive management team has been committed to the local economy by actively recruiting a variety of retail businesses for decades. The continuing recruitment of retail takes place from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Why Auburn, Alabama?

Auburn, Alabama continues to attract investors as the city’s increasing population drives the demand for growth in both the commercial and residential development market. Auburn averages a mean family income of just over $110,000 and ranked 13th in Forbes’ 2019 list of The Best Small Places For Business And Careers. Population growth and the respective development trend is demonstrated in the construction permit data for the city of Auburn over the past 12 years (see data image below).

As the home of Auburn University and a variety of industries, Auburn experiences a constant flow of new residents, both long and short-term, creating a diverse population that provides a fertile ground for a thriving economy and a unique culture. Development opportunities are boundless as one of the smartest cities in the nation responds to the needs and ideas of the future through the inherent combination of local residents, students from across the nation and professionals from every occupation.

Auburn’s National Recognition
  • 6th Best Performing City for Economic Growth – Milken Institute 2016
  • Ranked 6th Best Metro for Attracting Business to the US – Site Selection Magazine 2016
  • Top Place to Retire in the US – Where to Retire Magazine 2016
  • 9th Best Place for Business and Careers in the US – Forbes 2015
  • 4th Smartest City in the US – New Geography 2014


  • Development
  • Tenant Management


  • Development
  • Rental Services

Commercial Land

  • Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Development Logistics Services
Commercial and residential development
Samford Hall, Auburn University, Alabama.


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