The name Hayley-Redd has been synonymous with community development and economic growth for over 41 years in the city of Auburn.  Mr. Hayley’s unrelenting devotion to what he calls “The Best City in the South” is forever apparent in his continued investment in the commercial and residential development of land and buildings and the entrepreneurial dreams of its residents. 


  • Development
  • Tenant Management
Commercial and residential development


  • Development
  • Rental Services
Commercial and residential development


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Why Auburn, Alabama?

Auburn, Alabama continues to amaze even the most seasoned investors.  The city’s exploding population drives the demand for more growth in both the commercial and residential development market.  Notably, the City of Auburn is currently the 6th fastest growing city in the US and boasts an average household income of $99,349.

As the home of Auburn University and a variety of industries, Auburn experiences a constant flow of new residents, both short and long-term, creating a diverse population that provides a fertile ground for a thriving economy and a city culture that is interesting, unique and vibrant.

Auburn’s National Recognition

6th Best Performing City for Economic Growth – Milken Institute 2016

Ranked 6th Best Metro for Attracting Business to the US – Site Selection Magazine 2016

To Place to Retire in the US – Where to Retire 2016

9th Best Place for Business and Careers in the US – Forbes 2015

4th Smartest City in the US – NewGeography 2014

Commercial and residential development